Журнал Редактор

About Editor Magazine

In 1995 I was a promising reporter and a student of the best journalism school in Russia. It was a turbulent time. International corporations came to Russia, new businesses emerged, the country was on the move. It was the time when the word ‘marketing’ caught my attention. I was passionate to read every book available on marketing and advertising.

I became a journalist writing for the best business newspapers in Russia: Kommersant and Vedomosti. I spent 7 years as a business reporter before I moved on and started my own business.

In 2002 I opened Editor.ru, an agency providing copywriting, editing and marketing consulting. I was a pioneer on the market. And today I am proud to say my agency continues to be an innovative market leader.

My interest in marketing triggered my interest in psychology. I am a certified neuro-linguistic psychology (NLP) trainer and Ericson hypnoses specialist. Behind every copy that I write there is a market strategy and consumer analysis. I don’t write texts, I help my clients sell and do business.

International companies doing business in Russia can rarely use its marketing materials without adaptation for the local market. My experience shows that using translations without proper adaptation is inefficient. My services are a bridge to reach the Russian consumer or business partner.

My unique skills and knowledge of marketing, writing and consumer psychology allows me to be the frontrunner and work for your success. Let me be your trusted partner on the Russian market.